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you 270. slow 109 to montross road. on the outer loop, show you the live conditions here a new hampshire avenue. we moving nicely. in virginia route 7 eastbound. you are traveling just fine. i want you to know that flying the dulles toll road, 267 is nice, clean and green making your way from the greenway to tysons corner. back to you. >>> coming up on 6:30, breaking news, police in dc and maryland are lacking for a carjacking suspect. the suspect is among a group that fired shots at police. authorities chased the suspects to the district and that's where the shots were fired at the officers. in one was hurt. two people are in custody right now but the manhunt isn't over as police search for one more person. >>> part of a manassas, virginia, neighborhood lies in ruin this morning. three homes were damage destroyed an others damaged by a fire. sky 9 was over the scene a few hours ago and you can see how widespread the damage is. kristin fisher has the latest on the people affected. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. there were so many families affect
on this roadway making your way from germantown road to montross. no significant delay, though, at this time. in virginia, 395, you are still slow. plus five minutes soar to make it from edsall to the seminary exit and we will wrap it up in northeast dc. i give you inbound new york avenue where it looks like we are below speed from the washington times building toward bladensburg road. that's the traffic. back to you. >>> at the top of the hour, here's a look at the stories happening today. president obama travels to cleveland to lay out his latest economic plan. it involves $180 billion in spending and business tax cuts. mr. obama will argue against extending president bush's income tax peak for the wealthy. today b.p. releases its findings in to the deep water horizon oil spill. the internal investigation was done by b.p.'s safety and operations division. the explosion killed 11 people and spilled 5 million-barrels of oil. >>> today virginia governor bob mcdonnell unveils a new tax plan. it would add a charge to alcoholic drinks at bars an restaurants. it is part of his plan to sell off th
. it happened yesterday, just after 4:00 in the afternoon along northbound 270 between rock ledge and montross road. police say the bus went off the side of the flyover ramp and landed 45 feet below. the driver, 66-year-old joseph a claybaugh died at the scene. the children on the bus were from carlisle, pennsylvania and were heading home from a trip to the national zoo when the accident happened. 11 passengers were hospitalized. the exact cause of the crash is under investigation. >>> a rash of home and car break ins in fairfax county have police looking for a serial burglar. more than 80 incidents have been reported related to this serial burglar that has hit reston, fair oaks, mclean and sully. in all cases, residents were home asleep. the crooks are mainly going after money. the most recent break ins happened on wednesday in the oakton area. police don't know if there is one or more people committing the crimes. >>> 9 news now's storm coverage will continue when we return. and also a disturbing fight at a youth football game is raising debate about the safety of sports. it is 4:55. you are
road to montross. moving next to the the district. inbound new york avenue, no incidents out here but drivers are using the brakes between the times building to bladensburg road. in the district, a reminder to watch for flooding spots and approach intersections slow. let's take it to virginia's 395, crawling early from the beltway over to seminary. plus ten minutes for that and good news. we wrap it up with 95 southbound at 123. the accident is clear, but you are stop and go heading northbound making your way from the prince william parkway to newington. andrea, over to you. >>> today is the last day for some tax laws in our area to come clean without penalty. that story is coming up. >>> plus, an investigation in to despicable charges leveled against employees at a local nursing home. the time is 5:52. 69 very wet degrees. we'll be right back. my dad is the supervisor of a train station and my mom's a teacher. my dad's an auto technician. my mom's a receptionist. i'm not sure i would have been able to afford college without the tuition freeze. while tuition in other states is ris
. southbound delays have not however. jammed germantown road to montross. in silver spring, going westbound on wayne avenue, you can't. it is closed between georgia avenue and colesville road because of ongoing police activity. eastbound lanes are doing fine. 395 northbound, it is one solid delay from the beltway to king street. and using the brakes, a hot dash whole lot again. >>> police from several jurisdictions remain at the discovery builting. they are looking for evidence. today we hope to hear from three people held hostage. they made it out safely and hope to learn more about james lee, the environmentalist whose bizarre passion led to a standoff. >>> police are still lacking for clues and evidence. discovery building is at georgia avenue and colesville road. kristin fisher is live with the latest. good news. we listened the building has been creased of explosives but there is a significant police presence inside of the lobby at the discover channels headquarters. they are going to be likely there for some point in time. we didn't know if the employees who were evacuated yesterday i
but the delay is on the way as we watch the build around germantown road to montross. now, over to andrea. >> we have some breaking news. sky 9 is over ricci borrow road. there is a police situation going on here. we are told it is an ongoing barricade. authorities are trying to end it peacefully. we will keep an eye on it and bring you updates as soon as we get them. >>> in other news we could know the name of the prince georges county officer who struck and killed a man. both were on the way to work. 62-year-old ronald burgess was crossing the street in landover when the officer struck him. burgess was a half mile away from the southern maryland post office where he worked for 25 years. burgess ' nephew said the family prayed for a better outcome. >> the doctor came back with his head down and we knew he had pass away. head trauma, broken ribs, broken jaw a piece of his lung had to be removed because he had internal damage. >> reporter: police will con to investigate what happened but at this point they believe burgess was at fault. >>> an ice hockey team left homeless after the blizzards of 2
, maryland. delay stretches from germantown road making your way to montross. but no incidents along the way. andrea, other to you. >>> -- over to you. >>> investigators are looking for clues this morning in a fire at a faulkier county landmark. a barn, the faulkier livestock exchange caught fire. to people were inside when the blaze started. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. the "washington post" is reporting as many as 18 cattle were killed in monday night's fire. >> it is really traumatic to see something like that especially when you have animals inside of it. it is pretty hard to look at. >> reporter: about 200 cattle did get out of the barn and they are okay. >>> the bookmobile rolls in to arlington, virginia today, but it's not quite the library on wheels you may remember. it is a digital bookmobile. instead of checking out books, you can down load them to your e-reader and you can access audio books. it will be outside of the central library on quincy street from 1:00 to 7 p.m. today. experts will be there to help with your down load. over 50 communes are covered daily at wusa
drivers fill out quite a bit from germantown road to montross. and quickly looking a connecticut and bradley boulevard where obviously everything out here is all clear. happy friday, everybody. the time is 6:09. 9 news now will be right back. xc >>> we are back with a look at psychedelic mushrooms or medical mushrooms. they are not an illicit drug but a treatment for depression. we look at a clinical study at johns hopkins to explore what volunteers feel on their carefully controlled trips. >> i saw things that are difficult to describe. >> reporter: 58-year-old judith has dealt with a diagnosis of kidney cancer and a surgery to remove it that left her debilitated an depressed. she decided to try a treatment that clearly falls outside of the norm, using a what louis know jen found in certain mushrooms. >> i saw the whole of creation. i saw it as a living, breathing entity. >> reporter: those mystical or spiritual visions are something people reported for centuries. according to lead researcher riolan griffith. >> these drugs haven't been studied for some 30 years because of the t
. things are getting heavy around the germantown road exit to montross. this delay is an extra five minutes or so in the car and that's growing. we are checking on virginia's 395 northbound, you are delayed duke to seminary. slow approaching the 14th street bridge and 95 northbound stacking up from lorton though this mixing bowl. plus ten minutes and growing. going southbound still watching an accident at the backlick road exit taking away the left listen. back to jess. >>> meteorologists here in our region are keeping an eye on hurricane earl as it moves up the coast. kristin fisher is live from a very busy national were service in sterling, virginia. hey there, kristin. >> reporter: yeah, it is busy but this place would be even busier if hurricane earl track changed a little bit and if it was heading more toward our way, toward the dc area. this place would be nuts. on thes going off. many more meteorologists here than are here right now. fortunately we have meteorologist chris strong here who's been telling us that earl will be a nonissue for the immediate dc area, right? >> that's right
. watching a good amount of congestion build from this point at germantown road to montross. that's a quick look at traffic. back to you. >>> we have another commuter alert that will affect thousands of drivers in northern virginia. with the labor day holiday over, crews are getting back to work on the hot lanes project on the beltway. ramps to and from the dulles toll road as well as intersections on nearby route 123 will be closed overnight the rest of the week. in tysons corner, drivers on eastbound route 7 will find the lanes between the dulles toll road and route 123 have shifted to the right. also, you can no longer turn left in the middle of the block, only at traffic lights. this work is all part of the dulles metro rail project. >>> today is the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the blitz. germany's intense aerial bombing campaign against britten during world war ii. the westminster city council has released previously unseen amateur color footage of london during the blitz. it belonged to the local chief air raid warden and sat undiscovered in an attic for decades until family
to montross. as we go back to the maps, we zoom in. bw parkway here on 95 looking nice and green making your way to the beltway. you are at speed. in the district, we give you south capitol street where it meets the suitland parkway looks like drivers are fine here. a couple of them pulled off to the shoulder. and wrapping up with 95 in virginia. looks like more drivers are hitting the road competing for that space between the prince william parkway and 123. back to you. >>> have you ever been so angry at another driver you wished there was a cop around to issue a ticket or that you could do it yourself? in gaithersburg police are hoping you stay mad long enough to let them know about it. it will allow drivers to report bad behavior on the road but no tickets or points are involved. >> it is a written letter. no enforcement. it is a warning and basically says on date and time your vehicle was observed being operated in violation of maryland law and it will cite what the specific violation is. >> reporter: the program has been in place for one week and so far officials received four complaint
germantown and montross but other than that no big problems to tell you about. finally we will fly over 50 right now. 50 westbound as we head to dc. right now bowie to 495 things are looking terrific. 5:50 in the morning. back to you. turning to campaign 2010 in the district. we are roughly 24 hours away from the start of election day in the district. and what would be an election day without any controversy? spotters of mayor fenty have produced a video which suggests his rival dc council chair vincent gray's campaign has been bribing people to vote for him on the video there are alleged interviews of people who say they were offered gift certificates at the nearby giant food store if they got in the van for a trip to the early voting precinct at the tennis and learning center in southeast. >> if you get on our van we will buy you lunch. you have to go vote and get back on. i will be right here. >> okay. but who do i have to vote for, gray? >> no. you can vote for whoever the hell. you can vote for yourself. >> reporter: a pokes woman for the gray campaign says this is a play tan attempt
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12